Tinny Creative Agency is an arm of Tinny Entertainment Company that has been set up to cater for the professional management of creatives in their respective fields. TCA would serve as an umbrella under which talented individuals would be managed expertly and with their best interests at heart.

At Tinny Ent., we are well aware of the perils of being an aspiring star backed by no reliable management to guide you in the right path of making decisions that would steer your career in the right direction. We are also certain that the primary reason why talented individuals slowly waste away in the background is as a result of poor or no management.

Judging by Tinny Entertainment’s positive contributions to the Nigerian entertainment scene over the years and also, the evident efforts we put into the branding and management we of our artistes (old and new), it is safe to say that your creative journey is safe with us. (Pun very intended).

We are here for you.